Lessa is *mumble* years old, an at home mom and graduate from the Art Institute Online, where she received her Bachelor degree in Graphic Design in September, 2004. She has 3 wonderful angels (in Gramma and Gpa's opinion); Sean, age 15, Mairiah, age 12, and JessiAnna, age 8. She also is a writer, and is posession of one novel needing to be revised and submitted, part of a sequel, and many smaller works in various stages of completion. Lessa works as a blogger for 451 Press, writing about Survivor (yes, the tv show) and Rachael Ray. She also writes for The Sourdough, an online publication, submitting slice of life essays for their Life North of Sixty section.


It is one of her friends, Dras, who patiently listened to her complain and gripe about HTML, graphics and the like, while wowing her with his own talent for the same. (yes.. the addiction is ALL HIS FAULT!!) Eventually she simply had to try it, and what you are viewing here is the results of the recent years immersion in the task.


And without another of these friends, TBF, our Lessa would indeed be quite insane. (contrary to popular belief-she is only a little insane at present time..) He is an ever present source of comfort and encouragement and without his constant support she would have given up on the graphics long ago.


And, most importantly, Lessa's family has been encouraging, especially over the last bit of graphics and the latest incarnation of her personal page, and suggested she give this a try. They even said he wouldn't complain as much about her online time if she made money. So help a girl out, huh? Hire her today!


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